Whitney doesn’t know what a ‘conjugal visit’ is. She says she’ll make one to see Jen in prison.

And Heather still won’t say who gave her that black eye.

(Jesse Grant | Bravo) Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow on "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."

Of all the weird things “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” have said, none has been stranger than this: In the Jan. 4 episode, Whitney Rose worries that she’s going to “have to sit across” from Jen Shah and have “an awkward conversation” with her after she goes to prison. “But I’m willing to go have a conjugal visit.”

Lisa Barlow tells Whitney, “It’s not a conjugal visit unless you’re going to hook up with her” — and Whitney gives Lisa a look like SHE is the one who’s confused.

(Jen, who pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges, is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday.)

A witness against Jen

Danna tells Jen that “someone that I really trust” who “worked for you” said that “the work that you’re doing was very sketchy.” Jen loudly protests her innocence of the federal charges against her. The ones for which she’s being sentenced on Friday.

Years in the making?

Meredith Marks’ 22-year-old son, Brooks, is concerned about showing his latest fashion tracksuit collection at a fundraiser. “I’m honestly really stressed,” he says. “People prepare for stuff like this years in advance and I’m doing it in 48 hours.” Meredith says, “Maybe months in advance.”

(Randy Shropshire | Bravo) Jen Shah, Heather Gay and Sharrieff Shah in "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."

Coach Shah in tears

Jen tells her therapist that her husband, Utah assistant football coach Sharrieff Shah, “has taken the brunt of this.” She says he told her he sits in his car and cries because he is so worried. “I don’t want it to break him.”

Writing a check

The Shahs give Angie Katsanevas a check for more than $13,000 to cover the cost of Sharrieff’s birthday party, which she hosted — later claiming Jen has “swindled” her. “It bothered my heart,” Sharrieff says. “I had no idea that the situation had unfolded the way it did.” Angie K. says, “All I know is that I’m going to run to the bank after this event and cash that check before the government freezes her account.”

(Bravo) Somehow, Heather Gay is going to end up with a black eye on "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."

Black eye baloney

At various times in the episode, Heather says she’s “unsure” how she got the black eye. That she doesn’t know. That other Housewives “already [know] and they just want us to say it out loud.” That “I remember how I got it. … And other people know how I got it, too.”

Say what?

According to Angie Harrington, whose husband trolled Jen on line to the point that she said she tried to take her own life, contacted her so that the two women and their husbands could “talk it out.”

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