These are the 22 Utah organizations that will get $15.3 million in ZAP funding

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Scott Tuckfield painting a mural at Dreamscapes at The Gateway. The Utah Arts Alliance, which mounted the Dreamscapes exhibition, will receive Tier I funding under Salt Lake County's Zoo, Arts and Parks program for 2020, the county announced on Dec. 23, 2019.

Salt Lake County has named the 22 nonprofit arts organizations that will get $15.3 million from the Zoo, Arts and Parks program — but a couple of groups that were at the top last year are missing from the new list.

Based on statute and policy, the ZAP program funds up to 22 arts organizations, plus three zoological entities, for Tier I status every year. They are chosen based on the amount of their annual expenditures, and their impact on the local economy.

Two organizations that were Tier I recipients for 2019 missed the cut for 2020. They are: Art Access, which fosters artists with disabilities and from marginalized communities; and Preservation Utah, formerly the Utah Heritage Foundation, which advocates for preserving historic locations.

A county spokeswoman said competition for the 22 Tier I slots was fierce, and that the organizations that were turned down are encouraged to apply for Tier II funds.

Two new groups on the Tier I list for 2020 were at Tier II last year. They are: the Utah Arts Alliance, which supports artists with studio space and support, and also runs the Urban Arts Gallery and Dreamscapes in The Gateway, the annual Urban Arts Fest, and radio station KUAA 99.9 FM; and the West Valley Arts & Cultural Foundation, which operates the Utah Cultural Celebration Center.

The three zoological organizations that will receive ZAP funding for 2020 are: Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Tracy Aviary and Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

The 22 nonprofit arts groups approved for Tier I funding are: