Emma Hale Smith, first wife of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, died nearly 140 years ago, but she is speaking to Latter-day Saints today and reaching a wider audience than ever.

Smith’s words and those of more than 50 other early and contemporary Mormon women are now available online for free.

The Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced in a news release Thursday that the talks compiled for the 2017 print volume of “At the Pulpit: 185 Years of Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women” can be accessed on the internet.

Sermons from the likes of Lucy Mack Smith and Eliza R. Snow to Chieko Okazaki and Sheri Dew stretch from 1831 to 2016 and are a click away on the “At the Pulpit” website.

The online archive of the speeches also can be retrieved through the LDS Gospel Library app in the “Church History” section.

In addition, readers can hear 22 original audio recordings of some of the talks, according to the news release, with Spanish and Portuguese translations expected later this summer.

“At the Pulpit,” compiled by Mormon historians Jennifer Reeder and Kate Holbrook for Church Historian’s Press, contains doctrinally themed talks representing every decade over 185 years of LDS history. The authors retrieved the materials by sifting through old Relief Society minutes, newspapers, magazines, journals, conference reports and other sources.