Letter: You can keep your ‘Utah values’

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) The "Welcome to Utah" sign is shown April 10 in Salt Lake City.

There has been much rhetoric in this election cycle by candidates who claim to have “Utah values.” What exactly does that mean?

I have lived in Utah for more than 46 years, 16 years more than the median age of my fellow Utahns. Was I born here? No. So, somehow, that keeps me in the outsider camp? (I believe that is a lifelong assignment, regardless of how long I will live here.)

I am a veteran of our armed services, a retired career firefighter, active church member, volunteer and general good neighbor, and yet my “Utah values” don’t seem to count for anything. Just because I support Joe Biden for President, I have been told over and over that I don’t hold to “Utah values.”

The truth be told, I am pretty comfortable with that, especially now. When I see a majority of our state’s voters still prefer Donald Trump, a self-proclaimed misogynist, compulsive liar, bully, tax cheat, failed businessman, bigot, narcissist, etc. (I could go on for three more lines) and that somehow all of that aligns with “Utah values,” well, you can just keep your good' ol “Utah values.”

Every time I see a campaign ad, commercial or an advertisement for a candidate, I will remember what those “Utah values” stand for and I will look for the candidate who is above those values.

Bill Brass, Salt Lake City

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