In response to Ron Molen’s Oct. 2 letter, I offer my explanation as to why I — a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an ardent American patriot and student of our nation’s history — will be casting my vote for Trump and Pence.

Like Ron, I perceive this election as a “choice between good and evil.” However, my research has led me to discover far more good in President Trump and significantly greater evils on the Left. I view “fear, hate and disunity” as tactics and products of the radical left’s agenda to dismantle America’s liberties in order to nosedive our country into tyranny and hell.

Trump has said and done things I will not condone; however, the media repeatedly creates and perpetuates distorted versions of reality. For me, Trump’s rodomontade personality is overshadowed by the several beneficial policies he has implemented. Leftist ideologies fail to align with my standpoints and I view many of their positions as an implicit threat to our constitutional rights. Additionally, I will always vote for those who are pro-life over anybody who is pro-choice.

Ron: Jesus Christ sought to teach and forgive the same people whom Pharisees judged as irredeemable. Truth is often imperceptible by those whose hearts have been filled with hatred, nor will concrete truths be obtained by adhering solely to one perspective. We should never accept one-sided narratives as credible truth, nor biased opinions as dependable facts.

People who refuse to learn or acknowledge the incredibly good things Trump has done for America are like those who adhere to a tunnel vision narrative that villainizes many of country past great leaders because of their flaws — wholly rejecting their incredible contributions to our country — and with vitriolic contempt, vandalize or destroy monuments created in their honor.

Heather Mae Donbrosky, New Kent, Va.