I’m still shaking my head over the letter to the editor I read on Sept. 21 from Larry Henkels titled “Rep. Ben McAdams puts party before people.”

There are some glaring inaccuracies to Henkels' opinion. Firstly, Donald Trump was impeached for attempting to blackmail the Ukranian government to help him discredit Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The jaw-dropping evidence for impeachment had nothing to do with “Russian collusion.” Secondly, his claim that McAdams is more loyal to his party than his constituents is the argumentative equivalence of “Nuh-uh, you are.” It’s quite obvious to thinking people that Burgess Owens' platform is little more than he’s a devoted Trump and Republican cheerleader.

It’s quite ironic that Henkels would defend the legality (though not the morality) of Owens' bankruptcies and business failures the same day The Tribune publishes a story about his shortcomings and apparent misdealings with his own charity.

John Zidek, Cottonwood Heights