I am a conservative Republican. I voted for Ben McAdams for Salt Lake County mayor and felt he did a reasonable job in that position. However, something seems to happen to people who get elected to a national office and move to Washington D.C. When McAdams was running for Congress against Mia Love (a disappointment), his slogan was “People before Party.” Nothing in his history as mayor of Salt Lake County would have led me to believe otherwise.

His campaign against Burgess Owens suggests otherwise. He slams Owens for business failures and bankruptcies which are legal recourse. In my opinion, however, nothing Owens has done can compare with McAdams' vote to impeach President Trump because he knew full well that the evidence was false.

There are those who don’t like Trump. I get it. He’s brash and doesn’t always fit the definition of a statesman. He’s upsetting the status quo in Washington and the establishment isn’t happy about this. But that doesn’t excuse McAdams’ vote for impeachment. This isn’t a political decision. It’s a moral one. So my question to the congressman prior to Nov. 3 is: “Given all the evidence coming out daily about the FBI’s lying regarding the Russian collusion, does he still stand by his vote for impeachment?”

Larry Henkels, Salt Lake City