I am flabbergasted to read the letter “Vote for a representative who will represent you,” published Aug. 2.

I am also a resident of Taylorsville, born and raised in Utah, and I deeply care for my neighbors, city and environment. Rep. Jim Dunnigan not only doesn’t represent me, he votes in favor of policies that hurt me.

I am a single parent, the only financial provider for my daughter, primary caregiver for stepfather, and was my mother’s primary caregiver during her fight against cancer, until she took her last breath.

When my mother’s children were raised, she worked minimum wage for the state of Utah until retirement. My mother was smart, capable, raised her children and worked. Why should she have less medical coverage than anyone else simply because she was the primary provider for her children? Why should I have less medical coverage because I’m caring for my aging parents and daughter?

When it comes to equitable and accessible healthcare, we all deserve equal treatment. So why would Dunnigan sponsor SB54, a more costly Medicaid plan and that covers fewer people than Proposition 3? He “cares about the well-being of his constituents,” but that is not what his constituents voted for. Is Dunnigan’s refusal to expand Medicaid, the very basics for our well-being, because Prop 3 cuts out the middleman — the insurance companies, such as Dunnigan’s own insurance company? Is it because he receives the third most special-interest money of any Utah legislator?

I’m voting for Lynette Wendel, the person I know is in favor of our students, healthcare, affordable housing, a living wage and the environment.

Dunnigan is not that person.

Lynette Wendel is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate who fights the front lines to enact change. Lynette Wendel is who I trust with my daughter’s future, her safety, her well-being and her environment.

Cerelia Abram, Taylorsville