Almost every year, the state Legislature attempts to raise taxes. Last December, they passed a tax increase on gas and food. The citizen petition campaign forced legislators to repeal these taxes, but that didn’t stop them from trying to pass a property tax increase that same session.

Rep. Jim Dunnigan was among a handful of legislators who voted against all of these tax increases, despite pressure from his own party. I respect someone who cares more about his constituents than party bosses.

My wife and I are lifelong Utah residents. We raised our family while working here and have chosen to retire here because we know what a great state this is. I worked hard for many years to provide for my wife and my kids and save for my retirement. But as many of you know, that does not make you rich. We live on a fixed income of retirement and savings. Thus, frequent tax increases impose significant strains on our finances.

Many politicians pass legislation that is popular among special interests, despite the burdens on families they represent. But Rep. Dunnigan thinks for himself and puts his constituents first.

As a community, we have every right to be upset at elected officials who try to raise our taxes on essentials necessary for day-to-day life. I’m grateful that my legislator, Rep. Jim Dunnigan, has the courage to stand up to his own party and do what is right to ensure my wife and I can continue to live in this beautiful state during our retirement. It’s leaders like him — who put people over party — who make our state great.

It is time we support and honor leaders that hear and respect us. You have my vote, Jim. Thank you for standing up for your constituents and Utah taxpayers.

Doug and Sylvia Wright, Taylorsville