Letter: Don’t allow depleted uranium in Utah

(Leah Hogsten | Tribune file photo) Environmentalists and concerned Utah citizens delivered 750 postcards from concerned Utahns asking the Governor to stop depleted uranium from coming to Utah.

Cancer is something that many people sadly encounter in their lives, one way or another. One way that some come into contact with carcinogens is through radiation. This can be through many different ways, one of which is depleted uranium.
Currently at the state level there is a bill disguised as a land preservation bill that would allow for the taxing of DU. While currently there is no legal way to bring DU into the state for storage, allowing the taxing of it would open doors to allow legislation granting permissions to EnergySolutions to begin storing the material west of the Great Salt Lake.
Depleted uranium is not like other other sources of radiation, as it becomes more radioactive, instead of less, over time. If there were to be a leak in these storage areas, groundwater could become contaminated and affect the surrounding communities.
House Bill 233, if passed, would allow this door to open to begin allowing this toxic pollutant to enter our state and be stored in the desert to the west of the city.

I strongly oppose this bill because, while there is good in it with land protection, a bill could have been proposed excluding the uranium tax.
Josh Richter, Salt Lake City
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