In response to The Tribune’s Feb. 23 editorial, “More bus, less fuss,” I propose an additional solution: Why not open all of the high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools if necessary to provide parking on the weekends?

All schools are equipped with bus loading zones, have the space for thousands of cars and are located in central locations throughout the valley. Even if those high schools and a few middle schools on the east bench were used — Corner Canyon, Alta, Brighton, Butler Middle, Skyline, Olympus, Churchill Junior High and Highland — think how many cars that would take off the road?

This could be implemented next year, starting with a few schools and adding more each year as more buses were purchased. It wouldn’t solve the weekday traffic, but we need to address weekend traffic now, not years down the road.

I have written in to UDOT’s environmental impact statement comment period several times with this idea, with no response. Why have we not been discussing this idea?

If there was a long-term solution, such as a gondola or train, the school parking lots could still be used on the weekends and lessen the need for more parking structures.

Denise Antacle, Millcreek