As retired career military, I feel a kinship to those now serving.

It is telling that, of our 535 members of Congress, 99% do not have a child or grandchild who is in the military. We have a president who has demonstrated his cowardice by dodging the draft five times and whose children equate bravery with shooting an unprotected animal in a game reserve and proudly posing with the carcass.

These public officials are the ones who are anxious to send troops to battle every time some country refuses to bow down deeply enough to one of our demands.

How about this as an idea? These lawmakers don’t get to vote on sending troops unless one of their children or grandchildren is serving or is willing to enlist. And, while we’re at it, how about telling them to remove those hypocritical American flag pins unless they or a family member has served in the military.

Patriotism is not wearing a flag, it’s defending it.

Frank Globokar, Salt Lake City