The recent impeachment hearings were like a debate over whether the earth is flat, the Democrats arguing that the earth is round and the Republicans arguing that the earth is flat.

The evidence is overwhelming that the earth is, in fact, round. The White House would assert that satellite photos which verify that the earth is round are classified information.

The Republicans did have some pretty articulate lawyers and politicians on their side. Unfortunately, they may have confused many voters enough to actually believe what they were saying.

Hopefully, voters will eventually realize, that no matter how much Republicans scream and distort, the world is not flat.

Will voters be persuaded by the theater and the distortions of the Republicans? For the sake of our democracy, I sincerely hope not.

The U.S. Senate must now conduct a fair and nonpartisan trial, with witnesses such as John Bolton and Lev Parnas.

Mark Rothacher, Salt Lake City