As I watch the college football bowl schedule in the newspaper, I become more and more disgusted every year.

More than 90% of the games are viewable only on pay TV channels: ESPN, FS1, etc. This is a travesty.

Colleges in Utah in particular are supported by your tax dollars in a big way. It’s too bad that so many of our residents in Utah and in the nation cannot watch their home teams play a major sport like football bowl games.

Many people have chosen to dump pay TV because of its outlandish prices or just can’t afford it, but yet get strapped paying taxes, directly or indirectly, to support these institutions of higher learning. Yet they can’t watch their home team play in a bowl game on New Year’s Day.

This is morally and ethically wrong. Write your congressman or woman to get it changed. Call the major networks, also. I think that all college bowl games should go back to the major networks, such as ABC. CBS, NBC, or even TBS, like they used to be. Let cable TV take care of pro sports, which are pay to play.

Ron Overman, West Valley City