Letter: ‘Hate mail’ represents a majority of Americans

(Evan Vucci | AP) President Donald Trump speaks during an event at King Jesus International Ministry, Friday, Jan. 3, 2020, in Miami.

In his Dec. 29 letter to The Salt Lake Tribune, Ken Miller writes of feeling underrepresented by The Tribune’s Public Forum publishing an “avalanche” (his word) of letters from the Trib’s readers concerning, no, “demanding” (his word again) the impeachment, conviction and removal of President Donald Trump from office. He describes these letters as “impassioned hate mail.”

An interesting interpretation. Now I’ll be impertinent and point out that those letters which he so decries increasingly represent the majority of the American people, as evidenced in countless surveys of how to deal with the president’s negative and possibly illegal job performance.

The Utah senators and congressmen sent to Washington do indeed need to be reminded that they were sent to represent the majority opinion of those Utahns who they represent. Those who hold different opinions are of course welcome to debate and try to defend their minority opinion.

Just don’t expect The Tribune or its readers to reflexively defend it.

Sallie Phelps, Salt Lake City

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