It is with sincere gratitude that I commend you for publishing four letters in the Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019, edition of your newspaper.

If I may use baseball as an analogy, The Salt Lake Tribune started off its at-bat with a hit by Allen Livingston for his letter, “I have two questions for Utah Republicans.” Frank Fish followed with another hit for his letter, “It is time for us to get rid of this embarrassment.” Two up, Two on.

Then an easy decision to intentionally “put on” Paul Krugman’s commentary, “Giving U.S. businesses the Ukraine treatment.” And with the bases loaded, the readerships’ tensions mounting, Slade Gorton hits a grand slam for The Tribune with his commentary, “Please, my fellow Republicans, follow the facts.”

Whoever believes in following and supporting America’s Bell Cow (POTUS) for all the indecencies and injustices outlined by these writers is spitting on the freedom you enjoy, which is being staunchly defended by the U.S. Congress as outlined in the Constitution of the United States and has been by all persons who have sacrificed their lives or wellbeing for our country. You should go back to the country you or your ancestors came from!

Bruce E. Dennis, Millcreek