With the impeachment inquiry now underway in Congress, I’m appalled by the tribalism of the Republicans in Congress, including Rep. Chris Stewart and Sen. Mike Lee, who claims to be a constitutional scholar, and all their constituents who are defending and cheerleading for the exoneration of President Trump.

For three years, the Republican Congress, and their constituents, have remained blind, deaf and mute while our president abuses the emoluments clause calling it “phony” (where’s Utah’s constitutional scholar on this one), alters weather maps because he’s too narcissistic to admit a mistake, withdraws troops from Syria without notifying Congress or our Kurdish allies while embracing the dictatorship of Turkey’s Erdogan, therefore allowing the destruction of our Kurdish friends and bolstering Russia’s world dominance.

Trump repeatedly attacks the press and denigrates our European allies while admiring every despot in the world. He denies the reality of climate change and the science behind it and rolls back environmental regulations to increase corporate profits at the expense of American’s health.

With no Republican action over new negative daily precedents being established for the executive branch, and little likelihood that the Republican Senate will remove him from office if impeached by the House Democrats, I’ve two questions to ask of Stewart, Lee and any Utah Republican constituent who cheerlead for the protection of their emperor and, I implore you to write a commentary for The Salt Lake Tribune explaining your justification by addressing these questions.

Are you willing to tolerate an equal abuse and misuse of power and questionable behavior by any future president elected regardless of party affiliation? Are you willing to accept that any future president can extort a foreign country and encourage them to meddle in upcoming elections in exchange for a favor which benefits their own political advantage?

Let’s hear the answer from you Republican cheerleaders. because inquiring minds want to know.

Allen Livingston, Huntington