Donald Trump brags and lies a lot. But his supporters seem to believe everything he says.

His main bragging point is the economy and employment, which has increased by 5.6 million in his first 29 months — similar to the growth in working-age population. In Barack Obama's last 29 months, employment grew by 6.4 million without raping the environment.

Trump’s trumpeted tax cuts resulted in large after-tax windfalls for the rich (including Trump) but, allowing for inflation, were negative for many of the poorest 40%. But the deficit was 40% larger in his first two years than in Obama's last two — and continues to increase.

Trump has yet to replace any cancelled "easy to negotiate" trade deals.

Trump looked to heaven and declared "I am the chosen one!" but regularly breaks most of the 10 Commandments — lying, adultery, graven images (Trump towers, products), stealing (cheating on taxes, stiffing sub-contractors and political rally hosts), coveting (Obama's reputation), killing (pardoning military killers). Yet his popularity with evangelicals remains high. They love his opposition to abortion and ignore his racial discrimination.

Trump’s coarseness, denial of climate change and extreme America First rhetoric have alienated all our key allies, while Russia and China expand their influence worldwide. A recent European poll showed only 5% trust Trump.

We need to get rid of this embarrassment to America by impeachment or at the polls next year — together with his cowardly enablers in Congress (e.g. turncoat Rep. Chris Stewart) who care more about their own reelection than the future of America.

Frank Fish, Taylorsville