Gentlemen, it’s now apparent from the impeachment investigation that President Trump must be removed from office, and quickly. You must do your job.

Rep. Rob Bishop, even though you aren’t running again, and the Democratic majority in the House will impeach with or without your vote, our tax dollars are still paying your salary and you must honor the oath you took to support the U.S. Constitution. Please don’t think you can come run for governor if you’re not supporting your nation.

Sen. Mitt Romney, while you will take heat for voting to remove the president in the Senate, again, you took an oath, and we expect you to honor it. Simply being “deeply troubled” does not cut it.

Sen. Mike Lee, do your damn job and honor your oath! Trump will depend on our enemies to get re-elected, again, if he is not removed now. (That humming sound you hear is Ronald Reagan, spinning in his grave.)

I’ve served my country for 36 years, both in and out of uniform, and in some small way helped to defend the United States against many enemies: the Soviet Union, China, Iran, al Qaeda, ISIS, Russia, on and on. As I approach my civilian retirement, it shocks and frightens me that the single biggest danger to our democracy, in my lifetime, might be my own political party. Do your job, gentlemen!

Scott Boettcher, Capt., USAF (Ret.); Ogden