We hear much of the negative in today’s world, so it is good when we can accentuate the positive.

Last Tuesday on the agenda for the Salt Lake County Council’s weekly meeting, there was an acceptance of a $10,000 donation from Dominion Energy to be used to purchase heated tote bags to keep meals hot for the county’s Meals on Wheels program.

What a generous and thoughtful gift. I am certain that Dominion Energy was not seeking any recognition for this. Rather, they did it for a good cause. Nevertheless, as chair of the County Council, I wanted to call this out and say thank you on behalf of the good people of Salt Lake County for Dominion Energy’s wonderful example of corporate citizenship.

Lastly, I am certain that the disadvantaged seniors, many of whom are homebound, will also be grateful as they enjoy meals that will be a bit warmer.

Richard Snelgrove

Chairman, Salt Lake County Council