The brilliance of the Founding Fathers included a system of checks and balances intended to help ensure that no single element of our federal government could get away with illicit acts undeterred. They established the executive, legislative and judicial branches toward that end.

The current impeachment inquiry concerning President Trump includes the charge of attempted abuse of office by aiding the Russian attack against our Ukrainian ally while endangering the lives of its soldiers. This was to be accomplished by withholding military assistance unless the Ukrainian President publicly announced an investigation against his Democratic political rival in the upcoming 2020 election.

Every bit as important to include as an additional article of impeachment is the aggravated abuse of power by Trump in obstructing justice by refusing to provide potentially critical impeachment-related documentation and ordering likely essential government witnesses to refuse to submit to constitutionally mandated House impeachment subpoenas.

That blatant obstruction of justice and abuse of presidential power has clearly established his reprehensible attempt to ignore the constitutional authority promulgated by the Founding Fathers to help ensure any serious abuse of the executive branch could be checked by the legislative through the process of impeachment.

Raymond A. Hult, Bountiful