I have mixed emotions about having our president impeached. On the one hand, I think it would be best for the country if he were removed from office. On the other hand, I think it has to be a joint effort of both parties or we will be further divided.

We can tolerate poor treatment of asylum seekers at our border. Most will be inconvenienced, but few will actually die.

Making abortions harder to obtain will result in more unwanted children, most being born into poverty, but some, I suppose, will turn out to be good people.

Trade wars are bankrupting some of our farmers and disrupting global economy, but this problem is reversible.

Military policies are killing our allies (Kurds) in Syria.

Ignoring climate change could kill all life on earth, but may be reversible with a united world effort.

I fear that nuclear war would turn our beautiful planet into a radioactive cinder.

Our president is the Titanic, going down, with many that stay on board with him, going down with him. I just hope it doesn’t go down too late.

Ed Brocco, Ephraim