Questions for all candidates for Utah governor: What is your plan to remove Utah from last place in per-student funding for public education? And to remove Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem from eighth place on the National Lung Association's list of worst polluted cities in the nation?

What will you do about teen suicide (52% gun related), the major cause of death for those 9-17 years old? And the Legislature's rejection of 60,000 from receiving federally approved Medicaid?

What new laws are needed to battle climate change? And how will you keep legislators from snatching special interest money, then forgetting about the needs of their constituents, who pay taxes to cover legislators' salaries?

If you have no solutions for these critical issues and are not ashamed of legislators' chicanery you should definitely not run. Utah needs a governor that will fight hard to return Utah to being a respectable state with legislators who honestly represent those who voted them into office.

A safer, healthier, more dynamic environment is not only possible but affordable. Only the Tea Party, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the National Rifle Association, and Charles Koch stand in the way.

Ron Molen, Salt Lake City