I am not sure of the rest of the state, but here in Midvale we recently received a notice that severely restricts what we dispose of as recyclable wastes. The only things we can now dispose as a recyclable are metal cans, flattened corrugated cardboard and plastic containers with necks (cleaned before disposing). This is alleged to be because the recyclers in China, no less, will only take these items.

Shame on America. We can’t seem to handle our own waste! However, that is not true. We have numerous proven technologies to recycle plastic, including plastic bags, newsprint and slick paper. Just look on Google. For plastics alone, well over a dozen companies recycle them; think plastic fencing and companies that make plastic building materials from recyclables. We can and must do better within the U.S. in recycling our non-perishable wastes. The ban is unacceptable.

Jack A. Elder, Sandy