Lately I have participated in conversations at work, at school and even in my social circles where the topic of discussion has been identity.

Many individuals while expressing who they are made comments in relationship to their sexual identity, while others referred to their religion or spirituality. All through these conversations I kept asking myself, who am I? Where do I belong?

As many people identify themselves through either their sexuality or religion, I have been left questioning, how else can I identify myself? Because my sexuality and religion collide with one another and leave me not belonging in either world and questioning where I belong at all.

I was raised from birth in the Mormon church and I am gay. I am also not the only person raised in a religious home who is gay. These two worlds differ from each other greatly and do not leave much room for inclusion of the other.

Oftentimes, individuals in the same situation as myself are faced with two options. First, forsake your region for your sexuality. Second, set aside or change your sexuality for your religion.

Can we work to create a third option? Acceptance.

Carlee Miller, Magna