Rod Decker, in his new book, “Utah Politics: The Elephant in the Room,” states the Republican Party is the Mormon Party.

As the LDS Church claims to be Christian and the defender of family values, shouldn't that also be true for the LDS-GOP legislators? Unfortunately these critical issues that support families are not included in the GOP-now-Tea-Party ideology.

Dismissing the desperate need for clean air, gun regulation, health insurance for 60,000 poor and inadequately funding public schools reveals legislators indifferent to Christian family values; thus heretics if you will. And that's true of every Mormon aware of the perfidy who still votes Republican.

It is now a greed-driven, cold-hearted, penny-pinching party that despises Social Security and Medicare — both significant family benefits. Good Christians are grateful for life on a hospitable planet and are committed to addressing climate change.

So, intelligent Utahns, including Mormons, forget the GOP. It has damaged the family environment and has no interest in making positive changes. Clearly, special interests come first.

Republican legislators couldn't care less about you and your children's well-being and safety. Wake up, Utahns.

Ron Molen, Salt Lake City