Recently, I opened a package of bacon that my wife had purchased. On looking at the package, I noticed it advertised it was “gluten free."

I should end the diatribe here and let the public ponder this. Sadly, I have almost as little faith in the knowledge base of the general public as “Bar S” does.

There is no gluten in any bacon.

Any sort of sensitivity to gluten is only prevalent in less than 6% of the population, though its prevalence in the minds of most Americans obviously approaches 100%. But obesity is prevalent in over 30% of the population.

If “Bar S” were truly concerned with the health concerns of its customers, it might list in equally bold type the calories per strip of bacon.

This sort of advertising is reprehensible and has insured I will never buy their product again. Once again, sadly, they have lured more customers than they have lost by this type of blatant misrepresentation and fear mongering, as have so many advertisers.

And we continue to not only allow, but support it.

Bob Barr, Salt Lake City