When I read Sunday’s Salt Lake Tribune article on the new homeless centers I was amazed to find out that, according to the UTA trip planning site, it takes a minimum of 37 minutes and at least one transfer to get from the South Salt Lake center to the Fourth Street clinic.

While vans will be provided for "certain medical appointments," which appointments will be included?

Will that include counseling appointments for people with serious mental health problems? What about things such as smoking cessation, diabetes management, substance abuse and all the other groups and classes offered at Fourth Street?

According to the article, the new centers do not, at this time, have money to provide bus vouchers. They say they are counting on other social service agencies to fill the gap.

There is no discussion of where these agencies, many of which already operate on very limited donations and grants and have limited resources, are going to get the money to offer a large increase in requests for bus vouchers.

Transportation is an issue that should have been resolved long ago. What other issues have not even been considered?

Jean J. Esplin, Salt Lake City