Letter: Utah lawmakers are the real terrorists

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Ethan PetersenÊwithÊCivil Riot, a SLC-basedÊcivilÊresistance collective, and other opponents of the proposed inland port are escorted out of the Utah Inland Port Authority Board meeting by Utah Highway Patrol officers at the Capitol, June 5, 2019. The Inland Port Authority Board had to cancel its meeting last month after a group of protesters took over the meeting. Petersen was arrested.

Sorry, Gov. Herbert. Protesting the arrogant unrighteous Utah Republican Legislature is not borderline terrorism.

The underhanded, last-minute takeover of a sovereign city to build a massive “inland port” facility to make money for Republican developers is terrorism.

The increased pollution and deteriation of the quality of life of citizens to operate this “port,” all to line the pockets of legislators and their friends, is terrorism.

Closing the prison at great cost, and at great inconvenience to thousands of people, to make land available for Republican developers is terrorism.

Rejecting the wishes of the people who voted for three propositions in the last election is terrorism. Those are only a few of the recent terrorist acts perpetrated on Utah citizens by Republicans.

Republicans have learned that Utah people are stupid enough to keep electing you terrorists because you have an (R) and the right religion behind your name. Maybe someday they will wake up to see that most Republican legislators don’t “represent” the people who elect them, they represent their own self-interests. It’s all about the money. Only then will the terrorism stop.

In the meantime, godspeed and thanks to the protestors.

Bill Miller, Salt Lake City

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