Letter: There is more than one kind of mob rule

(Taylor Stevens | The Salt Lake Tribune) Protesters gather at Salt Lake City Hall to voice opposition against the proposed inland port on July 9, 2019.

Robert Gehrke’s column a few days ago discussed the inland port protest/riot at the Chamber of Commerce in Salt Lake City and provided a clear take on a very muddy subject. Included in the article were comments from Gov. Gary Herbert and Mayor Jackie Biskupski, both of whom chided the protesters for their bad behavior.

There are different types of mob rule. The one on display at the Chamber of Commerce involved a loud, noisy, antagonistic and often incoherent presentation. Overt mayhem ensued.

However, another type of mob rule is frequently on display in Utah. This one is comprised of quiet, well-groomed, affable men. This group is known as the Utah State Legislature. Covert mayhem occurs so often that many of us have given up hope.

The rowdy mob might serve to focus necessary light on an issue, even though its approach is not genteel. But the other mob, the silent, secretive, well-groomed mob, is the one that does the true damage.

Rebecca Thomas, Salt Lake City

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