Letter: No one asked us if we wanted an inland port

I am sorry the recent inland port protest was out of control. There appeared to be several groups that ignited the situation. I do, however, support the inland port protesters.

Our family moved to Salt Lake City more than 30 years ago. We raised two children and are now presently watching our grandchild grow up in the city. We do not want an inland port here. Residents suffer from respiratory issues, and we do not want our grandchildren exposed to unhealthy conditions.

Our efforts should be directed toward cleaner air and less polluting traffic.

Some things we loved about Salt Lake City was the ease of getting around, its beautiful geography and outdoor activities. Now, we see that changing.

Our state Legislature quickly approved the hub without prior in-depth planning. The citizens of Salt Lake City never had a voice in this decision. Pros and cons were never publicly discussed before a decision was made for us.

I have called my legislators. I took the suggested inland port survey, which, by the way, did not ask if I ever wanted the inland port in the first place. I went to a meeting about the port. Already decided.

Who will make money and who will suffer the consequences of this decision?

My suggestion: Do not relocate to Salt Lake City, especially if you have small children.

I am 100% in support of the inland port peaceful protesters.

Noreen Mullen, Salt Lake City

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