Letter: Lies, deception and baseball trivia

With lies and deception, a band of crooks and criminals led us into the Iraq war, which guaranteed the reelection of President George W. Bush, because Americans don’t want to change horses in midstream.

With lies and deception, another group of crooks and criminals are using war with Iran as an insurance to reelect Donald Trump, should his impeachment become a reality.

At the southern border, children are separated from their parents, deprived of basic hygienic necessities, some have died in cages, adults are forced to drink water out of toilets.

On our most sacred holiday, our military is being used for aggrandizement of “the great leader” by driving tanks on the National Mall, a la Putin and Kim Jung Un.

I am not surprised that, with all of the above disasters, Rich Lowry of the National Review would find time and interest to write about the beauty of our ballparks. What surprises me is that my beloved Salt Lake Tribune found a redeeming value in this trivia, at this time, to use precious space to print it.

Behrouz Motiee, Salt Lake City

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