As Erik Neumann wrote in his article for KUER, titled “New Emails Show Link Between Utah Governor’s Office and Lobbyist on EPA Air Quality Rule,” the emails demonstrate how the lobbyists for fossil fuel companies are a prioritized source of direction over the public by Gov. Gary Herbert, which is an endangerment and dishonor of public trust.

Utah’s public opinion on the written policies is being withheld from them by the lobbyists. Pollution, environmental harm and human health risks are being given permission to occur, through loopholes without the public’s awareness, input or consideration.

In other words, the lives and health of the public are being put aside as meaningless. The decision process is oriented toward the short term with high public and environmental risks.

The overall message and progress trends are becoming increasingly crisp. Facts are being withheld, mistranslated and morphed. Power for clean energy is being used dysfunctionally in the long term.

The individuals in power are fueling themselves instead of society. Contact Herbert and tell him that as a representative for all of the people in Utah, he should represent the opinions of Utah’s residents and not just those of special interest groups.

Marcus Benoff, Ogden