Progress throughout history has brought discoveries that have benefited mankind. There are usually unintended consequences that follow.

The Industrial Revolution and hydrocarbon-based industry produced a standard of living unknown to our ancestors. We also manifested pollution of our air, water and food and accelerated global warming. The discovery of antibiotics has saved millions of lives. It has also brought antibiotic-resistant superbugs and a damaged gut flora.

There are no drugs without side effects, including addiction and death. Vaccines have been without question a boon to mankind, and I'm not an anti-vaxxer.

But consider: The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was set up in 1986 when Congress indemnified pharma from liability claims to compensate the vaccine injured if a direct causal relationship was established. Over $4 billion have been awarded (and the process is difficult).

The interesting thing is, no one I've asked has ever heard of this court. I doubt if 1 in 250 people know of it. It's possible that more than $1 trillion would have been awarded if every parent knew of the court.

My request, then, is that people stop demonizing parents who want choice over vaccinating their children. These parents are not stupid, brainwashed nor hysterical. They are conflicted because they know that vaccinations are not completely safe for all children, and that the rare bad reaction can be catastrophic.

Life is not simple.

Thomas Anderson, Holladay