Though I do not reside in Salt Lake City Council District 6, I was pleased to see a candidate (Dan Dugan) pointing out Council Chair Charlie Luke’s obvious conflict of interest in the inland port debacle.

I hope that city residents come to understand that rural state legislators stole 30% of Salt Lake City, along with $1.4 billion dollars in tax revenues that we, the city residents, will now have to find elsewhere. I was perplexed when the council then took unusual steps to prevent the city from suing to stop this preposterous, illegal taking.

Then I found out that the council chair, Charlie Luke, is a state lobbyist whose entire livelihood depends on him nurturing and maintaining relationships with the rural state legislators who openly mock the city and have no regard for its self determination.

In your article, Luke claims that if he was conflicted, he wouldn’t have touched the port issue. This makes no sense and is a Trumpian deflection of his obvious conflict. Luke is conflicted, period, because the harder he fights the state Legislature, the more he imperils his own business.

Anyone concerned with good and ethical government should be outraged not just how our City Council sold us out, but the arrogance in having them appoint as our advocate the one councilman whose every incentive is to please the people robbing us.

I hope Luke is held accountable at the polls.

Grey Schultz, Salt Lake City