A nonsensical verse we recited and laughed about as children said, “Ladies and Jellybeans, I stand before you to stand behind you to tell you something I know nothing about. Last night about 8 this morning a truckload of empty bricks ran over my dead cat and killed it. I rushed it to the horsepital just in time to see Abraham Washington floating down the Missisloppy River with the star-spangled banana in his mouth.”

Now, as I listen to Donald Trump and try to make sense of what he says, I see similar silly and inane words coming from his mouth, continually showing his absolute ignorance of American history and major issues confronting our nation and world today.

Basically, he’s saying “to tell you something I know nothing about,” as he twists and distorts the truth. His unrelenting attacks on everyone and anything not of benefit to him personally shows his total lack of presidential maturity and ability.

As a child, the verse was humorous. But when comparable, incomprehensible phrases are spoken by our nation’s leader, it is definitely nothing to laugh about.

Other nations must surely think what a joke “Trump’s” America has become, but it is no joke to me.

Muriel Wilson, South Jordan