In accordance with the belief that women must be required to take to term all life which is grown inside them, it must be realized that a rich man will always be able to obtain and pay for abortions for their mistresses and those sexual workers unfortunate enough to come in contact with them.

There are some states which would punish the women for doing so, but there are no repercussions for the man involved. The child support system is also inefficient, in that any man can hide his income and himself in companies and construction businesses which are legally permitted to set up people who work for them as “subcontractors” and pay them cash with the wink-wink that the men themselves with pay their taxes and report their income correctly.

It is time to require men to take responsibility for their libidinous behavior. Marriage is the only contract which offers some protections to a woman forced to give birth. It does not offer perfect protection, as is seen by the number of runaway husbands not paying child support, but during the crucial time of conception there would at least be an understanding between the two people involved. It does take two.

We must make it a felony for a man to have sex with a women outside of marriage. Any child born outside of marriage would be genetically tested to determine the identity of the father who would then be held responsible – jailed while the new life is developing, and then when released at birth, would have a GPS tracker surgically installed to monitor his whereabouts until the time the child reaches 18 years of age and the man released from his responsibilities.

There are those who would say that an unmarried women can always give the child up for adoption, but in the same idea that abortion causes a women undue anguish, it must be acknowledged that giving up a child that one has carried for nine months is also a heartbreaking experience.

It is time for Congress to step up and demand that equal protection under the law is just that.

Douglas D. Reilly, Logan