Being a senior citizen, I wish to reply to the “Serving the homeless” editorial of the Sunday Tribune.

There was a time when the terms millions, billions and trillions of dollars were not commonly used unless it was a catastrophic event. Now it seems as though a million dollars is like pocket change, a billion dollars is like some folding money and a trillion dollars means one can make a small deposit in the bank.

As I am reading the words of Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox regarding the homeless, “I don’t believe there's $40 million of need out there,” I agree. If there is a need for $40 million, there is something wrong with this state.

I donate regularly to charitable causes, and I cannot figure out what that much money is used for. Will it be $50 million next year?

Sometimes, when we have access to “lots of money,” we immediately need more money. No, I am not saying the homeless should suffer. I am saying, What is costing $40 million?

I have never seen any published list of expenses for housing, medical care or job agencies that the public can see.

It is really time to have trained workers who can “fix” the problems with housing, jobs and health care for the poor without breaking the bank.

No, I don't have the answers, but we need to as a society get them figured out pretty soon or we will have more homeless than donors.

Dotty Wrathall, Draper