The Riverton City Council has made that city “a sanctuary city for the unborn.”

A woman and her doctor decide on an abortion. If the city activates a sanctuary, who will bring the unborn fetus to sanctuary? In utero, or on its own?

It won’t survive outside the uterus, so the mother will be brought to Riverton against her will and against her rights, so her unborn fetus can have sanctuary. Where will she will be staying while Riverton is protecting the unborn? Who will provide her daily needs to protect the fetus as well as provide for the life she has left behind? Are the police OK with this?

Will Riverton pay for the birth and provide for this child? For medical care if the child requires extraordinary measures? Or, if the child is healthy, raise the child to adulthood, paying for all the child’s needs? Any thoughts?

Katherine Dayton-Kistler, South Jordan