The president and his loyalists have accomplished a heel-dragging trifecta: three separate levels of obstruction of justice.

First, the president, as reported in the Mueller report and as verified by hundreds of lawyers and former justice officials, obstructed justice by instructing his underlings to lie for him, and by lying himself.

Secondly, the president's hand-picked defense lawyer, Attorney General Bill Barr, obstructed justice by willfully offering a falsely exculpatory and wildly misleading summary of said Mueller report.

Thirdly, the loyally orbiting satellite minions and wanna-be apprentices of the tweeting executive have obstructed justice by refusing access to potentially Donald-damning documents and individuals, contrary to the constitutional rights of the Legislature.

The trifecta may soon be trumped yet again by the additional proud partisanship before patriotism of Mitch McConnell and, who knows, perhaps the latter's cunningly denied, trimmed and amended Supreme Court.

Democracy-hating autocrats around the world are taking note.

Richard Douglas Hacken, Provo