Paul Mero’s comments in the April 10 Salt Lake Tribune were shocking and uncalled for.

Mero’s criticized Sen. Mitt Romney and condemned him for failing to view people of the “southern border” from Mero’s religious perspective.

Mero warned us with comments such as “First, ignore the Lamanites (Hispanic) at America’s peril.” “Second, ignore the Western Hemisphere at American’s peril.”

Mero goes on further to comment “the people below our southern border (i.e the Lamanites) are very special to the Savior who visited them and should be for us tasked with now caring for them."

Perhaps we should take a look back in time and place when the marriage of politics and religion has done more harm than good.

I would assume that Romney is an able, intelligent elected person who does not need to be coached on his religion or his politics.

Rosemary A. Holt, Salt Lake City