Rep. Chris Stewart:

I attended the Salt Lake County Republican Party convention where you spoke last weekend. Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and Rep. John Curtis’ speeches contained largely positive remarks about the potentially positive role of government in public life.

Then you came on stage to brag about your close relationship with Donald Trump, possibly the worst president of modern times, and to rail against the perceived evils of socialism. Your speech accomplished nothing but to rile up the delegates right before the voting took place, as if to ensure that their votes would be emotional, knee-jerk reactions to a foe of your own invention.

The delegate turnout was approximately one-third that day. I walked out of the auditorium during your silly rant, and I was not the only one. So congratulations for lowering the vote count when the turnout was already abysmally low in the first place.

As you yourself said, our country is deeply divided. Yet you do nothing but fan the flames. It's not too late to make an about-face and start reaching out to your many constituents who sincerely believe that you have not been working in their interest. Do you have the courage to mend your ways?

David Harris, Salt Lake City