During the impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton, it was determined that he asked his secretary to lie about his conduct in the office. He also lied to Congress.

This was determined by the Republicans to be obstructing justice, and Clinton was impeached to preserve the office of the presidency.

Our current president has lied and asked others to lie as he was trying to obstruct investigations of possible misconduct and treason with a foreign country.

We have congressmen in Utah who are OK with not doing anything.

Since the United States of America ratified the Constitution, millions of soldiers in many wars and conflicts have placed their lives on the line for the Constitution. Yet we have congressmen from Utah who are afraid they will lose reelections, so they will do nothing.

Kudos to you, Mitt Romney, and shame on the rest of you.

And to our self-proclaimed constitutional expert, Sen. Mike Lee: I wish the Wizard of Oz could give you some courage.

Craig G Erickson, Tooele