My heart goes out to Alecia Bales, who wrote a beautiful letter asking Gov. Gary Herbert to please veto the bill replacing Prop 3, detailing the hardship the repeal of Medicaid expansion would cause her family.

In it, she mentions that she voted for Herbert. My question to her is this: If he does not do as you ask — if he lets the horrible replacement for Prop 3 become law, hurting her family as she described — will she be voting for him again? Will she continue to vote for the legislators who did this to her?

If the answer is yes, then, I'm sorry, but she is doing this to herself, and she deserves no sympathy. Or, will she stand behind her words, stand up for what's right, and help vote them out? Will she be a hypocrite, or will she do something to earn the respect of others?

Respectfully, I'm anxious to know what her answer is.

Alan Linett, Sandy