Each legislative session, it does not take long for one of our esteemed hierarchy to remind us that we really are less than educated on issues and can’t in any way know what is best for the citizens of Utah.

Sen. Jacob Anderegg did such a good job of letting us know that we don’t understand the issues concerning Prop 3 and the good or harm it would do for those without his financial means. It begs me to ask why we, ourselves, research any of the issues at all.

He also reminded us that those who did not vote should share in his decision to fight the passage of the proposition as voted on by his “non-constituents.”

It is very refreshing to know that there is someone up there looking out for us and changing the very wishes that we go to the polls to express. And then we wonder why some people find it foolhardy to vote at all.

Marjorie Donoghue, Murray