Many of Utah’s cities have dismal water conservation goals. Utah has the highest municipal water use in the U.S., and most of that water is used outside on landscaping.

House Bill 143, a new bill sponsored by Rep. Suzanne Harrison, D-Draper, will mandate a simple addition to water conservation plans requiring that each city study how it could reduce per capita water use to 175 gallons per day.

This, at least, would be a starting point to better align with the cities of Denver, Los Angeles, Tucson and Phoenix that are all currently using less water than 175 gallons. With better conservation practices and efforts, Utahns will save billions of gallons of water and millions of taxpayer dollars, eliminating the need for costly new water spending and increased infrastructure maintenance costs.

Passing HB143 means we can start on a better path for water conservation, saving water for you, me and Utah’s growing population.

Claire Andrues, Salt Lake City