An article in The Salt Lake Tribune gives specifics of sacred ceremonies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that, by nature, are not public.

They are not secret, they are private and profoundly deep in experience; sacred, holy, cherished and individualized. Such sacred individual experiences are meant to be between the patron or individual participating and God alone. We refrain from speaking of these experiences outside the walls of these beautifully sacred buildings because of this.

I felt, as I imagine that many, many others did, that your article was not mindful of this, and spoke of specific attributes, dialogues and actions in the temple endowment. This is not in keeping with our faith. This is not in keeping with the statement The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released regarding this change.

While I recognize it is your job to sell the news and to sensationalize the changes that have occurred here, I hope that you will not let that be at the sacrifice of that which the community you write for considers to be most private and sacred.

While there were people willing to disclose such details to you (as they should not have), you have a responsibility to use wise judgment in what you fully disclose. I would have hoped for better from the Salt Lake Tribune.

I hope deeply that you will consider adapting the article as it stands to reflect a more respectful, “tapered back” view of what has occurred. Please change your article to be more tasteful and considerate of the population you serve.

I will not likely turn to The Salt Lake Tribune for future readings or news reports if this is the way you choose to report on what you know to be private and sacred.

Sarah Howe, Provo