As I read Merrill Nelson's commentary in the Dec. 23 Tribune, rebutting Rocky Anderson's claim of legislative overreach in passing compromise legislation on medical marijuana, two words came incessantly to mind: "Dude, really?"

It was a nauseating read and epitomized the arrogant, paternalistic, holier-than-thou attitude that pervades our Legislature. He basically made the argument that we Utah voters passed the inherently "flawed" proposition "because they had no alternative for a better plan."

Our wise legislators only stepped in, as is their constitutional right, to save us from ourselves. It seems never to have entered his elevated mind that we may have voted for the proposition because we supported it as written.

Luckily for us, though, our wise legislative fathers have ridden out on their white horses to save us from our own sinful ignorance. What would we do without you?

Greg Tayler, Heber