How Constitution works,” Conn Carroll's Dec. 8 Public Forum narrative of why Sen. Mike Lee blocked the congressional attempt to protect Robert Mueller, read like a veiled telling of the delight of despots, i.e. the late Justice Antonin Scalia's “unitary executive” theory.

Which lines up nicely with Individual-1's inclinations to usurp control and make the Justice Department his Justice Department. And with Brett Kavanaugh (yeah, that Kavanaugh) and William Barr (of Iran/Contra pardons and torture memo fame) also being unitary executive disciples, it appears Individual-1 has found his Roy Cohns.

Geeze, this is beginning to sound like one of those dark conspiracy theories that are so popular today, eh? But I digress. Sort of.

Despite Conn's reinforcement of Lee's obstruction, the demonstrably constitutional intent (see Morrison v Olson) of Congress was to prevent Individual-1 from firing Mueller in an attempt to impede/gain control of a legal investigation involving Individual-1, and not a congressional attempt to gain control of the Justice Department as proffered by Conn.

In considering whom to believe, keep in mind that, as his name indicates, Conn's job is to con you.

Ross McCollin, South Salt Lake