Sipping my morning coffee, as I approach the ending of my life, I should be concerned with the "hereafter."

If anyone is curious why I condemn religions, this is part of the problem with their existence. Under the guise of teaching love, they preach judgment, and through judgment, hate disguised as love, while patrons allow them to pick pockets with glee. Which prompts my question: What is so lacking in people's lives they have to spend their hard-earned money in support of some human being who tells you, without any proof, there is a god and, because he/she exists, you have to give him money, to lie to you? And then wonder why Trump's presidency has support of 1 out of 3 citizens.

Citizens in Utah are learning the evil of religion; after 53 percent of those who voted, voted in favor of medical cannabis, the Mormon church, whose members own the state Legislature, threw out the public vote and passed their own version, which places restrictions on medical use, because someone might use it recreationally.

James W. Platt, Riverton